About us

Who are we

The Pizze della Bottega are born from the experience of the Bottega della Pizza, a local artisan that for years deals with the retail sale of pizzas.

We are Artisans Pizzaioli and we are responsible for the production and packaging in ATM of pizza dough, made respecting the traditional recipe of our founder, Filippo Di Maio.
With our types of artisan pre-cooked pizza bases, we cater to those operators in the sector attentive to innovations and high quality products. We offer them a high level product, without waste, always the same, even on more stores and with different staff. The use of our dough involves, for the customer, a considerable economic savings, human resources and productive machinery.
These are flexible products, which leave the pizzaiolo the possibility to customize the pizza!
The quality of the raw materials used guarantees a high-end product.

Highest Quality

Our products are made with top quality ingredients and without the addition of artificial colors.


Once you have tried our products, the result of years and years of experience, you will never be able to do without them.

Quick Delivery

Fast and guaranteed delivery! Our products will be delivered to you with a specific courier to guarantee the conservation and quality of the products.




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