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TRADITIONAL PIZZA BASE (1 base pizza carton)


Pre-cooked dough packaged in ATM (modified atmosphere) ready to be seasoned and baked with a cooking time of 5 minutes!
INGREDIENTS: Water, Soft wheat flour, Salt, Fresh yeast, Olive oil.
NET WEIGHT: 300 gr. DIAMETER:30 cm
STORAGE: Once opened keep the package in the refrigerator (0 is C / + 4 is C) and consume within 2/3 days.
ALLERGENS: Contains gluten.

Pizza provides a mix of nutrients such as complex carbohydrates and B vitamins that in addition to donating energy, affect the production of neurotransmitters related to well-being.
These are molecules that play a key role in mood regulation.
It also contains tryptophan, it is an essential amino acid precursor of the happiness hormone.

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